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The Importance of Snoozes…

The team from have written about the importance of a good night’s sleep – for both babe and pup   I’m no expert on babies, but certainly agree  puppies can be grizzly (and sick) if sleep-deprived.  And as for us owners… well, the same very definitely holds true! It’s an interesting read…. How to […]

General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)

New GDPR come into force in May 2018. House of Mutt fully complies with the rules on how personal data must be handled, stored and used. A summary of our Data Protection Policy will be put on the website before May 2018 and if in the meantime anyone whose data we have wants to talk about […]

It’s all glamour…!

I love the fact that dogs are often portrayed in the media as being glamorous accessories for their particularly glamorous owners.  And the few journalist bods who have been here thankfully tend to go down the same route: sooo sweet, such fun, sooo gorgeous Dogs are gorgeous – obviously – but here’s our Top 5 recommended […]

ITV’s Posh Pets, Summer 2017

The Secret Life of Posh Pets aired on ITV over the summer of 2017.  HoM and HoM’s loyal regular Miss Darcy featured highly in one programme – the latter was excellent and born to be in the spotlight; of the former, I think we were all relieved to come out of it without too much abuse from friends, family and Greta Scacchi’s voiceover!  Secret Life of Posh Pets HoM

The next sighting was on the House of Mutt Retreat at Lucknam Park.  The Secret Life of Posh Pets HoM Retreat at Lucknam Park   Unfortunately for us ITV embargoed another focus on the HoM at the Retreat as to do so would have breached their advertising rules, but the HoM guests and HoM trainers all came across brilliantly and we all had a great few days :)

Roll on the next adventure!

It’s quite a small village then….!

  A sharp-eyed someone recently spotted that the House of Mutt has been identified as a ‘main feature’ of our village, Fakenham Magna, on Wikkipedia.  It doesn’t bode well for the eminence of the rest of the village, but interesting to read about your own locality nonetheless.  Here’s the entry Fakenham Magna for those who are interested! […]

Shhhhhh, I’m thinking …..

When it comes to dog training, there’s a lot to be said for watching.  And waiting.  And quietness. I’ve been doing a lot of the former, tagging along with Ed and Anthony as they go about their training sessions.  And the main thing I’ve gleaned? Is the importance of waiting, and silence.  Giving the dog […]

House of Mutt @ Lucknam Park, Spring 2017

Pictures paint a thousand words so I’ll leave it to the photos to tell the story of the first HoM @ Lucknam Park Retreat!

We can’t wait for September and the Autumn session.

Oh, and the TV footage taken at Lucknam will apparently be aired in July.

Cool School: who’d have thought a music festival would be such a perfect training ground!

A slight change of scene for House of Mutt but variety is good for the soul and we all, humans and dogs, had a brilliant festival time at the Red Rooster at Euston Hall here in Suffolk. Our visiting dogs came in rotation to see and be seen at Festival Dog HQ and, for those […]

Cool School: who’d have thought a music festival would be such a perfect training ground!

A slight change of scene for House of Mutt but variety is good for the soul and we all, both humans and dogs, had a brilliant festival time at the Red Rooster at Euston Hall here in Suffolk! Our visiting dogs came in rotation to see and be seen at Festival Dog HQ and, for […]

House of Mutt @ Lucknam Park, Spring 2017

Pictures paint a thousand words so I’ll leave it to the photos to tell the story of the first HoM @ Lucknam Park Retreat! We can’t wait for September’s Autumn Retreat. The TV footage will be aired in July.

Space + time = happy

Dogs are remarkably good at fitting in with and adapting to our lifestyles.  That’s why Beryl and Penny are currently curled up under my desk, busy keeping my feet warm as opposed to running across the prairie in wild wolfy packs (and definitely not being called Beryl and Penny while they’re at it!). But sometimes […]

Space + time = happy

Dogs are remarkably good at fitting in with and adapting to our lifestyles.  That’s why Beryl and Penny are currently curled up under my desk, busy keeping my feet warm as opposed to running across the prairie in wild wolfy packs (and definitely not being called Beryl and Penny while they’re at it!). But sometimes […]

Personal Training – the way ahead

Having dogs trained is great – but its value is a hundred fold when us owners can share the lessons.  We’re delighted to report that the personal training sessions in London that were a rare and beautiful thing, are now a regular and (hopefully) beautiful thing! Ed’s next available dates are Saturday 27th May Sunday […]

Need a dog-walker? Fancy Ben Fogle for the job?!

A dog walk by TV Presenter Ben Fogle is just one of the items on offer at the Protect Animals Greece auction on 10th May.  Or a personalised and recorded poem from Sir Tom Courtenay; or a watercolour by Sir Quentin Blake; or a walk on part in Doc Martin with a helping hand from […]

A Welsh Visitor

Neli from deepest Wales came to stay for a speedy visit last Summer.  The resulting footage came out on Welsh TV recently.  Beeeeeauuuutifully behaved HoM dogs, as ever the consummate professionals, the dear visitor however was marginally less calm about the whole thing!! Star dogs. Love ‘em.  

House of Mutt @ Lucknam Park. YES!

Following an extensive search and lots of assessing as to where is positively dog-welcoming as opposed to just dog-friendly, we’ve    found the perfect hotel to fill in the blank of our ‘stately home sketch’ (Some Serious(ly Fun) Quality Time) I’m delighted to report that we’ve teamed up with the amazing Lucknam Park near Bath […]

Festival Frolics

The House of Mutt will be at the Red Rooster Festival in Suffolk, Euston Hall from 1st to 3rd June.  We’re ‘doing’ dog while Duke Harry and his Red Rooster crew ‘do’ the best line up of Rhythm and Blues this side of the deep South! Red Rooster Festival is pretty unique in that it […]

Tip from a’broad …

A lesson I learnt as a youthful officer cadet when I lost my dog on the thousand-acre Royal Military Academy Sandhurst training area – and was beside myself with un-officer’ly panic. If your dog runs off when you’re out and about, whether it’s chasing deer, bicycles, another dog or has just ‘b*ggered orf’ as some […]

Ed says …

Training dogs is a great skill – but to be honest, some people just ‘do’ dogs so well that dogs behave around them, come what may.  So the real real skill lies in being able to transfer some of that magic power to us, normal, feet-of-clay owners. ‘It’s no good a dog behaving beautifully for […]

Luvvies, we’re on!

It’s been a busy month for the luvvies of HoM – and yet again these star dogs have managed to pull off the tricky business of show business without a backward glance (although there may have been one or two askance, as Harvey re-drove in to the yard here for the fifteenth take of ‘Arrival’!) […]

Spa session, doggie style

Puppy training stage #432 – or whatever we’re at now – the hydrotherapy bath Mead House’s hydrotherapy bath has been this little pup’s Big New Thing this month.  Dogs can swim, naturally, but it’s a real luxury to be able to introduce them to the concept in a controlled environment. And good as well to […]

House in the country

A heartfelt plea from one of our owners a couple of weeks ago about Charlie, a lovely old Labrador belonging to a friend of theirs who’d tragically died. ‘Did we know of anyone looking ….’ Yup. Charlie has now moved up to the Suffolk to start his new life in Bury St Edmunds.  A bit […]

Not everydog’s cup of tea…

Seeing dogs day in and day out as we do here at the House of Mutt, you get to understand them pretty well.  And sometimes that understanding leads to situations that are slightly uncomfortable to acknowledge. A big ‘line’ of mine is that we are a home from home – with mates on tap.  A […]

Some serious(ly fun) Quality Time

We are often asked if owners can come and stay here at the Old Rectory with their dogs.  We’re just not set up for that (and my cooking is rubbish) but it has set us thinking …. What if we could collaborate with a very, very lovely, and dog-friendly, hotel somewhere accessible from London and […]

How many steps?

Exercise, like baking, used to be one of those activities that lots of us liked to think about but not all that many actually did.   So 14.8m tune in to the Great British Bake Off final, but cake sales are, according to the Bakers Federation, defiantly on the up.  But there is apparently one […]

Seagulls, speed and sandy paws

A trip to Holkham beach in North Norfolk is the best place in the world for blowing away cobwebs and letting off steam.  All the more so if you’re a dog and are determined to help the ‘umans around you work off their mince pies! The sound of the sea (And check out The  Victoria […]

Kodi, a puppy in learning …

Last seen on this page in October when just 3 months old, Kodi is now 5 months, growing fast and ready for the next stage of training.  She’s a beautiful dog and, like most of her breed, very biddable, wanting to learn and to please. But that attitude comes with big paws, much bounce and […]

Caught on camera ….

Dogs are just the best natural performers, so who are we to deny them the limelight…

1. Our Christmas 2016 Video.  Who got up to what, where and how!  Quite long but hopefully worth it. It makes me smile anyway :)    HoM’s Christmas 2016 

2. A shorter version of the above for those who want to wallow in dogs but have just a minute to spare     A Day in the Life of HoM 2017

3. The video we put on playback in the office when the weather is grey and life feels, sort of, … grubbly     Love that Beach! 

4.  Finally, all this performing is shortly going to be seriously put to the test.  ITV cameras due here soon!  Eek, get ready to strut your stuff, boys and girls!

Nature or Nurture?


When a famously stylish person has a dog whose every move is A Pose,  is that because they’ve innately chosen a stylish dog – or has the dog picked up style from the very atmosphere she breathes?

An interesting aside to the nature or nurture debate!

#fashion #celeb

Here’s looking at you …

I spent a day in London last week studying Proprioception for dogs. Proprioception, from the Latin proprius meaning ‘one’s own’, is really body awareness – learning where your feet are and how to control them. For a dog, if they are  able to gain a sense of their own self it builds confidence, calmness, clarity, […]

HoM’s Mead House training wing, Gloucestershire

A picture tells a thousand words, and here’s one of Mead House for those wondering where all the super dooper HoM training has been happening just recently.  Home to Holly and Anthony, a highly qualified trainer who regularly flits over to Japan, America, wherever, to run training camps, Mead House can take up to five […]

Barbican Ball Auction

House of Mutt contributed a Duchess Silver Whistle to the Barbican Ball’s charity auction in November.  Muchos monos was raised, well done them, and fierce interest in the whistle has since resulted in orders at this end. A bit of a happy win-win really :)

Christmas Cheer?!

Papers are full of horror stories about the Christmas health hazards for dogs at this time of year  (ie Daily Mirror ‘More than 6,000 dogs are expected to have suffered chocolate posoning in 2016, a quarter of cases in December alone….‘).  No need to scaremonger, we are after all all grown ups and kind of […]

For fairly frequent flyers…

A lot of our dogs are travelling fairly regularly now – whether that’s going home to the States each summer, or just moving alongside frequently-moving owners. Which can involve buying hefty, solid, expensive crates, which then sit and gather dust between times.  We’ve got a couple sitting here in the garage – if anyone wants to borrow them, let me know.  And likewise if anyone has an XXL crate out there which isn’t being used between now and February, can Nala borrow it perchance?

Happy home-coming!

Hundreds of health checks later, this HoM-found lovely pup has arrived in his new home.  We bored his proud new teenage owner with a hideous list of advice and instructions.  Here is a snapshot, in case the info may possibly be useful for anyone else? … He’ll arrive with a 4 day supply of his […]

Sooo lovely!

We have a mad rule here that any exuberant praise or appreciation for one of our team, results in me having to buy The Praised One a celebratory bottle of wine. Or more- if I happen to receive more praises in quick succession….

Harvey, I’m on your case (of wine…), two in one week just as we’re gearing up towards Thanksgiving / Christmas, just seems, well… suspicious… Is there collusion going on?!!

Entertainment: Let’s Do This!

Considering dogs were, once upon a time, wolf-type creatures, having them now live in towns and/or restricted to indoors is always going to provide its challenges.  Some breeds are perfectly suited to this modern way of life we provide for them (you Shitzus out there, I’m talking to you) but others (hello, Cocker Spaniels) tend […]

When is enough, enough?

Might it be, do you reckon, when dog food tins are the prettiest things in your kitchen – let alone your house! Check out these beauties from Cuffleberry & Co.  Gorgeous. And if you run out of pate for your next DP … Quail, Chicken, Baby Sweetcorn and Mushroom in a Herby Gravy anyone?  

Kodi, A Puppy In Learning …

Born in late July so still a baby of just 3 months, but already learning some basics.  Mostly at this stage it’s about calmness and instilling a few boundaries – two things that don’t necessarily come naturally to puppies or to very excited owners! So, things Kodi’s demonstrating so beautifully in her video KODI SEPTEMBER […]

It’s been Luvvie’ly …

We’ve had a luvvie’ly time this month with a TV crew here one day and a brace of radio reporters the next. The 9-strong TV crew from Wales descended on one of the hottest days of the year, took over the house, gardens and kitchen – and spent the day very busily filming A Life […]

‘Hounds in the lap of luxury’

The lovely Goji came to stay – and obviously liked what he saw! Just Luxe, the Best of Luxury lifestyle brand (‘When it comes to the luxury lifestyle, we like to think that we know a thing or two’), has written about the House of Mutt.  It’s an old piece but ridiculously I’ve only just […]

Puppies – How much is that doggie in the window?

Short noses, googly eyes and wrinkles have hit the news recently.  A selection of traits which, vets from the British Veterinary Association have said, are harmful to the dogs that carry them and the purses and emotional reserves of their owners.  Radio 5 Live and Radio 4′s You and Yours programme both covered the story […]


Misery Monday, apparently and officially The Most Miserable Day of the Calendar Year, I’m afraid proved so for us.  The beloved Hector was put to sleep after 14 long and very  happy years of being The Mountford Family Dog. His health had been gradually fading, he was getting old.  But the fade got quite suddenly […]

Time for chips!

A reminder that microchipping becomes compulsory for all dogs in England, Scotland and Wales on the 6th April this year.  It’s not a hassle and it is a major player in helping reunite lost owners with their dogs.  Put it on the To Do List ! A few notes on the subject from the British […]

Cautionary ‘tails’ from the vets….

The British Veterinary Association (BVA) is urging pet owners to watch out for potential hazards to their pets this Christmas as findings released today reveal that a nativity display, antifreeze and £200 in £20 notes were just some of the items that landed animals in veterinary practices over the 2014 festive period. Findings from BVA’s […]

Podgers, porkers, chunkies – or just ‘comfortable’? The overweight debate continues….

Researchers at the Veterinary Record journal report that one in four dogs shown at Crufts were overweight. Bone to pick with Crufts’ dumpy dogs … But breeders fight back claiming the study was ‘unscientific’ . Kennel Club fights back … Apart from being slightly amused to see that in the picture used to illustrate the ‘healthy-weight dachshunds’ […]

AStarPets Column: Hot to Trot!

Click through to The Dude Diaries: Hot to Trot

Making full use of the Heath!

I love it on the Heath – there really is something for everybody! Today the main ‘toy’ seemed to be the Sandpits ….  Click through to:  Hither and thither on the Heath 

Tatler: House of Mutt & the Bow-Wow Factor

House of Mutt makes it into Tatler’s April 2015 edition – we like the Bow-Wow Factor headline!       With thanks to the beauuuuuuutiful models Miss Darcy, Billie, Max, Blue & Tilly

Top 6 Factors that Vets think improve dogs’ health and welfare ….

Vet Research from the British Veterinary Association.  No surprises that better weight control is up there,and interesting what the vets have chosen to prioritise … Crufts special: Vets’ top six priorities for happy, healthy dogs A survey carried out by the British Veterinary Association (BVA) has identified the top six factors that vets believe would […]

A short, and very funny, exert from the BBC Radio 4 show ‘John Finnemore’s Souvenir Programme’ S02 E06 about Crufts dog show. I do not own this, all credit goes to John Finnemore and BBC Radio 4. 

Astar Pets Guest Column: Smell & Association…

What is your dog thinking?

Interesting reading from the psychology fellows …. Dog Psychology


Off the Leash …

My favorite place to go for some wise, witty, doggy insight!

The Dude Diaries: Week One and it’s all about … Settling In. And Sleeping.

… finding your feet, exploring, seeing what’s out there.  And sleeping!   Oh, and the less jolly bit about jabs.  There are an increasing number of cases of Parvovirus and the like being reported by vet surgeries (see vaccinations debate and our policy for details) – it’s an urgent priority for me (quite apart from the […]

Introducing …

One thing we have plenty of here at the House of Mutt, is doggy company.  With bookings coming in up to ten months ahead of time and with a scribbled waiting list often seen snaking its way down the white board in the office, we’re guaranteed not to be dog-less any time soon.  So why, […]

Airport terminal for Pets to open next year…

Fantastic news…   JFK to open pet terminal – ‘The ArK

As dogs travel more and more with their owners, it’s really important that airlines make their welfare standards as good as their bookability.  This JFK news is a great marker in the sand for the international pet travel industry.

Does Size Matter?

  I love it when dogs exceed my (already very high) expectations. A case in point: we have staying with us at the  moment a couple of Old English Sheepdogs. They are lovely natured, but huge.  And don’t seem to tread particularly lightly upon this earth of ours: the carpets are shuddering, the kitchen door […]

What do you reckon: might animals grieve like humans?

Pete Wedderburn writes a brilliant weekly Pet Column in the Saturday Telegraph, among other things.  I’m a bit of a fan.  Here are his thoughts on Do animals grieve?

Vaccinations: debate, controversy and our policy…

A report out today on MRCVS Online tells of a confirmed case of Canine Distemper in north west England.  It’s the first case of the disease seen in the region for many years and originated in a dog imported from Bulgaria while pregnant, who had Canine Distemper herself and passed it on to her puppies […]

Vets and Google

98% of pet vets say owners consult ‘Dr Google’, with 80% seeing pets too late … A nationwide survey of vets by the British Veterinary Association (BVA) reveals that 98% of respondents believe their clients’ behaviour is influenced by what they find online. Four in ten vets said the owners’ online research was unhelpful, with […]

Jaques, the dunking, diving Dachshund!

Normally ever so afraid of a puddle, but Jaques suddenly got brave in the House of Mutt pond when in the company of big ‘brothers’, Buster and Bella.  He’s now a committed swimmer – trunks always at the ready!

Finty’s Friday Frolic…

Sometimes I think the clever Off The Leash cartoonist is here in the room with me…!

Choosing a Home Boarder

Column written for Astar Pets Online Magazine, June 2014 … Home Boarding: what’s it all about?

5***** Hotel Review from Astar Pets!

Astar Pets, they of the Asos and Achica fame,  reviews the House of Mutt … Hotel Review for Fido

A Summer’s Day in the Life of…

Or, at least, a Day in the Life Of – without many sleepy bits!

A Summer’s Day in the Life of ….

Messing about at the House of Mutt.  A sort of Day in the Life Of – but without much sleeping!

Vets advance research into the very nasty SM, ‘neck scratcher’s disease’ …

New research by the University of Bristol’s School of Veterinary Sciences, shows selective breeding may be the way forward to reducing the incidence of syringomyelia (SM) – a painful condition that can lead to paralysis – in the Cavalier King Charles spaniel and other toy breeds.     For full story, click

A ‘flip-flop’kind of walk

Some walks are wet ‘Wellie’ ones; some are speedy ‘Spikes’ ones; this one was definitely a flippy floppy meandery type of walk – lovely!

The Mail pays House of Mutt a visit ….

Click … New luxury hotel where you get treated like a dog 

10 Critter Facts you may (or may not!) like to know…

It’s prime time of year for fleas, ticks and worms.  Ten thoughts on the subject from people who like bugs best when well-zapped ! Ticks feed on the blood of their host – they’re not fussy whether that’s man or beast.  Or reptile for that matter A non-engorged tick is tiny and can be very […]

Smell and association: An observation from the ‘scientists’ at HoM

Dogs, like people, behave differently in different situations.  I think some of them here adopt a temporary persona which probably differs quite considerably from their norm.  It’s no surprise really – here they’re living with other dogs in a new environment so just as children behave differently on holiday or at school compared to at […]

Home Boarding – profession or hobby?

A friend (and client) asked me recently if our team here at the House of Mutt might be getting too ‘big and business-like’ compared to the bucolic home-y set up she’d always pictured.  My (over-wrought, for which apologies….) response makes me think this is a sensitive subject that could do with an airing … Sensitive because […]

Pet a Porter! The Independent’s take on pet products (& House of Mutt) …

Click here

Store Easter chocs away from dogs, warn BVA vets…

Curious pets could be at risk if they hunt down their owners’ haul of chocolate eggs and treats this Easter, warns the British Veterinary Association (BVA). Chocolate can be highly poisonous to pets, with dogs most commonly affected. Although awareness about chocolate poisoning is increasing amongst pet owners vets are still seeing urgent cases because […]

An ode to Spaniel Owners

Most Spaniels are splendid, selfless and speedy, But not, it  must be said, particularly sleepy. Our 3 mile runs may cause a slight puff, But a  few minutes later, that’s not nearly enough! All that tires a Spaniel, I reckon, Are reed beds, rivers and plenty of bracken. It’s sniffing that sorts them, and bounding, […]

First Harper’s Bazaar, now Tatler – wowsers!

Tatler’s Geoffrey is modelling his Camden Lime Mews Collar in a half-page (almost larger than life!) set of pictures in April 2014 Tatler – whooop whoop! Go for it Geoffrey and I hope you’re enjoying strutting your Mews-collar-stuff on the catwalks (or should it be dogwalks!) of Vogue House

Carrot or stick? Dog training study reports findings on stress …

A study reported by The Telegraph finds that some dog training methods may cause stress to animals.  Click on Dog stress and training methods My view? Dog ownership is less about winning control than about winning respect. Control is a useful by product of respect but isn’t the whole picture. And the way to respect? […]

Metro whistles the Rex Duchess

Click … Pets.  They’re the new children

Metro takes a (Metro-like!) peak at the Tepee

Click …If you’re going to Glastonbury this year,

What does your dog think when they smell you?

Interesting research reported by The Telegraph today … Click on Dog’s sense of smell signals love for owners

Emotional attachments … ‘extreme’ or ‘normal’?!

There’s now a ‘Feel Free to Fondle’ poster up in The Pet Spa – slightly surreal in the setting but we reckon it’s important that people who want to can feel the leather these collars are made of. An easily reached collar and an encouraging sign is sorting what the formal window display was previously […]

New Boulevard and Mews Collars Arrive!

Hurray, we’re now able to offer smoothies the ‘greyhound’ shaped Boulevard, and fluffies of all sizes the matt-reducing rolled ‘Mews’! 6 colours, 5 sizes, 2 new designs.  Available online or from The Pet Spa from Thursday, 13th.

A Not-So-Tough Day at the Spa for Jaques

Jaques visits the House of Mutt grooming table – and just about manages to cope with the stress!!

Rex, the “Laboutin of dog collars”!

Miss Darcy, ‘founder’ of the Hyde Park Cockerpoo Club and ‘scribbler’ on has posted about her birthday present, a Rex Mews collar and lead. Click HERE for Miss Darcy’s “Something from Rex”

Rex products – “the Laboutin of dog collars”!

Miss Darcy, ‘founder’ of the Hyde Park Cockerpoo Club and ‘scribbler’ on has posted about her birthday present, a Rex Mews collar and lead. Read on McDuff…..

A Pictorial Day in the Life of Oliver, the Gentleman Dog

First off, some gentle swimming; followed by a fireside snooze; topped off with a chat with a local filly! What ho, Wooster, this is the life!!

Finty’s Friday Frolic…

Familiar??! That clever Off The Leash cartoonist hits the spot again…

Does your dog know what you’re saying? Or thinking?

Brain scan pix

Researchers have found that the canine brain react to voices in the same way that the human brain does. It’s well worth a read ….

A Muttley Meander (with Beryl’s Big Stick)!

Out and about in the woods with Beryl, Linus, Chocco, Robbie, Hector, Oscar, Breeze, Tux, Mars – and Beryl’s Big Stick J

How important is Puppy Socialisation?

Click HERE for Kennel Club One in Five Dogs out of Control on Walks

Animal Welfare Foundation advice on ….

‘Saying Goodbye, The Ultimate Kindness’. Not a pleasant subject but on the basis that it’s better to be informed than not, here is  recently produced, and excellent, advice from the AWF on saying goodbye awf_saying_goodbye

A (vaguely) poetic update on Hector’s Mobile Bones …

Alas Alack, Hector’s finished his pack. And… Did the Mobile Bones tonic make him more sonic?   Well it’s hard to say   But, on the eve of the day That he began his powdery regimen He was lame, and sore.   But now, no more! (That’s the sore, by the way, Not the dog […]

Rex Products take centre stage in Fulham Road

Rex by House of Mutt products have taken centre stage in the Chelsea Pet Spa’s new Fulham Road window!  With the Tepee Tent at one end, Knowle Crown Bed at the other and a spread of collars, leads and whistles in between.  Fantastic!

Finty’s Friday Frolic

Synchronised tail-wagging from Off The Leash – marvellous!

A Luxury Travel Blog on House of Mutt

Click …  A new luxury hotel for your dog

Hector@HouseofMutt column on … Food

Article written back in 2010 for the London Dog Forum – but the debate on dog food in the papers prompted me to dig it out again …



Dogs are not our whole life; but they make our lives whole.

Our silver whistle chosen by Harper’s Bazaar!

That’ll be quite a nice introduction for Rex by House of Mutt products then.  Thank you Harper’s Bazaar!

Harper’s Bazaar Christmas Stocking Fillers


Finty’s (filthy!) Friday Frolic …

A Schnauzer goes for her bi-monthly groom and the groomer comments that her ears are particularly hairy. The owner agrees and says she has been worrying about the dog’s hearing. The groomer advises the owner to apply some depilatory cream to the inside of the ears once a month to keep the hair down. So […]

Some good AWF advice on Pets & Poisons

What is poisonous to dogs, how to keep the two apart and what to do if that fails …   Click HERE for AWF advice on pets and poisons 

In times of joy, all of us wished we possessed a tail we could wag

- W.H.Auden

Postcard from Holkham Beach

Holkham Beach in Norfolk is one of our favourite spots…….miles and miles of open empty sand – perfect for windy dog walks or horse rides (don’t tell anyone!)

The Mobile Bones of Hector@HouseofMutt

Hector@House of Mutt Was, in his youth, a bit of a nut He would never  just walk, But rather strut. Or stalk. But now he sits, mostly on his Butt.    What to do?     An answer came with a tweet from the sky, From Pooch & Mutt’s Sam (a girl, not a guy)   Hector […]

There was a young Shepherd called Sam ….
Who got in a bit of a jam.
He’d spent so much time
Amongst tiny canine,
That he started to think he was one of ‘em..!



Comment on the best colour collar for Ozzie; and if you ‘Like’ our Facebook page  you’ll be entered in to our draw for a House of Mutt collar of your own!  The winner will be drawn on 31st December, and notified just as soon as the New Year’s Day cloud has cleared…. The winner […]

The 10 Stages of Christmas…

ONE – GET READY … Decorations down from the attic, but … no great rush to put them up! TWO – TEARS …  School cases strewn, Christmas decs strewn, maternal breakdown imminent. Lovely happy dogs in the river, the perfect antidote THREE – DEEP BREATH AND ON WE GO… Holly picking ….. with plenty […]

Top 10 Misconceptions about Vets


Written by vets ( and seconded by House of Mutt vets!

Top 10 Misconceptions about Vets

The Family Dog

If you can start the day without caffeine, If you can always be cheerful, ignoring aches and pains, If you can resist complaining and boring people with your troubles, If you can eat the same food every day and be grateful for it, If you can understand when your loved ones are too busy to […]

Cani-Cross Running

Cani-cross is big in the States and now it’s over here! We’re finding it’s brilliant for bonding, morale, muscles…and sleep! Trainer Sarah Harley (pictured) regularly takes the more energetic House of Mutt visitors out, and is keen to spread the word about this fantastic sport. A recent cani-cross event at Westonbirt: A cani-cross half marathon […]

In the Spotlight

Every dog is a star, and here are our (ongoing) House of Mutt awards, celebrating the -est of various categories. Fluffiest, fastest, snoreiest, best named, greediest, cheerfullest, waggiest, politest… Fluffiest – Herman                                               […]

News from the Vet Sector

Having a vet in the house is good news for many reasons, the very least of which is that his inbox is always full of sector news that us dog owners need to know. (Or, quite often, that’s just fun to know). Top 10 Misconceptions about Vets (written by vets!) RSPCA reports 21% increase in […]

It’s a Sticky Subject

Dogs poo, and humans clear it up (and we think we’re the superior species!). There’s nothing scientific about the following observations, they’re just our House of Mutt views on poos… Raw food undoubtedly produces the least offensive poo bucket – is a good one to try if you’re looking. The speed that a meal […]

Taking the Trauma out of Travel

Pet passports are meaning more dogs than ever are jet-setting around the world. But the rules around that travel are complicated and often changing. Teeny Scott Barber offers some reassuringly no-nonsense British travel tips. Only one dog can travel per crate. However well you get on, you wouldn’t want to share a seat with your […]

Pup’s Progress

For all those interested in following a pup’s progress through their first couple of weeks away from mum, meet apricot Cockerpoo little miss Lucca.

Keep an eye on our Pup’s Progress Facebook album.

A man’s best friend is his dog

- Lord Byron

Making the most of the weather

Some days you just want to go to the beach – and so what if it takes a lorry and two cars to get you all there! See the full Facebook album of one of our many trips to the Holkham beach.