Podgers, porkers, chunkies – or just ‘comfortable’? The overweight debate continues….

Researchers at the Veterinary Record journal report that one in four dogs shown at Crufts were overweight. Bone to pick with Crufts’ dumpy dogs …

But breeders fight back claiming the study was ‘unscientific’ . Kennel Club fights back …

Apart from being slightly amused to see that in the picture used to illustrate the ‘healthy-weight dachshunds’ , all three are wearing long coats (which everyone knows are useful garmets for troublesome ‘fat days’!), there are no real answers in these articles – but they’re interesting to illustrate the debate that is currently circulating in veterinary circles about obesity in dogs.

For my view, less is more.  Not always easy to achieve I know but, as fillers of the family dog bowl, it is something we can control. It’s a fairly easy job to glance at an eager waistline waiting at your feet at feeding time, and adjust the ‘handful’ going in to their bowl accordingly.

Got that sussed; now just need to apply the same subjective mentality to my own plate…. !



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