Luvvies, we’re on!

It’s been a busy month for the luvvies of HoM – and yet again these star dogs have managed to pull off the tricky business of show business without a backward glance (although there may have been one or two askance, as Harvey re-drove in to the yard here for the fifteenth take of ‘Arrival’!) ¬† Due out in the autumn on ITV, we’ll let you know when the HoM dogs are due on.

I have no doubt I’ll look a prize clown, but the dogs and the rest of the guys here were brilliant – so I’m happy to take a bullet for the team!

Finally, the results of a previous day’s filming are due out next week, on S4C on Wednesday 8th March, 5.35pm. ¬†That version will be in Welsh but they’re sending me a subtitled version which we’ll be able to send to HoM dogs featured :)


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