Kodi, a puppy in learning …

Last seen on this page in October when just 3 months old, Kodi is now 5 months, growing fast and ready for the next stage of training.  She’s a beautiful dog and, like most of her breed, very biddable, wanting to learn and to please. But that attitude comes with big paws, much bounce and a hearty appetite, so her lessons this time were about self control, learning to take responsibility for her own actions and  giving herself time to think before she acts.

Sound tricky?

Watch on …

Kodi HoM Training December 2016

It’s also the perfect age and stage to be introducing puppies to as many different experiences as possible, in as safe an environment as possible.  Nothing scary, everything relaxed, and if possible with a nice chilled sensible dog at hand to reassure. Here are pictures of her meeting chickens, horses, mole traps, rivers, and so on and so forth.


#lovethisdog :)


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