Kodi, A Puppy In Learning …

Born in late July so still a baby of just 3 months, but already learning some basics.  Mostly at this stage it’s about calmness and instilling a few boundaries – two things that don’t necessarily come naturally to puppies or to very excited owners!

So, things Kodi’s demonstrating so beautifully in her video KODI SEPTEMBER 2016 are:

  • Sit and stay (for very short periods)
  • Recall (from very short distances)
  • Not to grab at food from the hand

On top of that, she’s mastered sitting before going outside or after coming inside, almost majestic levels of house training and how to respect older dogs’ personal space (the latter courtesy of a snarl from an obliging older dog who perfectly, and safely, taught the lesson that’s so much better learnt in a safe home environment than loose out in the park from a stranger)

All the ‘formal’ training was delivered in 5/10 minute sessions – pups this age really can’t concentrate for longer.  But the boundaries et al can be done routinely throughout the day.  Interspersed with plenty of sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep time, obviously!

A star pup.  We look forward to carrying on her training at Christmas when she’ll be that bit older and able to cope with a few more questions being asked of her :)

(Oh, a quick aside: the treats she’s getting are tiny biscuits that are taken from her normal daily food ration – nothing rich or over-exciting, and nothing beyond her means…. weight-watch a bit from the word go!)


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