How much FUN was that!


We threw a birthday party!

Not our usual sideways nod or extra biscuit, but a full on PARTY birthday party.  On instruction obviously, and with (amazing) cake provided.

We were a tad short on time that day I seem to remember.  But oh my goodness, what fun it was!  I now understand the joy of it all.  It’s not serious, it’s not a lifestyle thing, it’s not for the dog’s benefit really (sorry, guys & gels), it’s just a blooming good giggle.

So, thank you Miss Darcy and guests.

THE FIVE D’S OF EVERY GREAT PARTY…. Demure, Delightful, Delicious, Dishevelled, DIRTY DANCING!8BECBB73-1BFA-457D-8E22-4A16E49649FA_1_105_c


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