How have we survived without…?
We’re delighted to announce the (impending) launch of our new HoM Mutt Mitts.

Somewhat akin to a wet wipe, but in a mitt form – which offers a whole lot more protection for your hand if you’re tacking something truly unpleasant; and gives a lot more surface area for extra shampoo and conditioner if you’re just going for the shine and polish usage.

A bit of info on them:

  • They’re made of bamboo fibre with cotton thread, so 100% biodegradable. You can stick them on the compost when you’re done, or black-bin them where they’ll safely biodegrade.
  • They come in a pack of 20
  • Shea Butter and Honey flavour.  (I know, ridiculous, but that smell is just too delicious not to go for…)
  • The shampoo & conditioner is no-rinse, so no water need be involved in the cleaning of these particular dogs!  If however, your dog is truly truly filthy and you want to get the hose involved, you can wear the mitts under the tap and just use the impregnated shampoo as ‘wet shampoo’.
  • They’re tested to human grade safety standards but are formulated specifically for dogs, with necessarily adjusted pH
  • The postage packs are cardboard, so fully biodegradable.  There’s no biodegradable material as yet that’s suitably waterproof for the packs, but the plastic we’ve gone for is recyclable.

I use them every day after walks for dogs who’ve found something to roll in that I don’t particularly want rolled on into my house. And I use them for little massages in the evening when we’re lying around on the sofa and I fancy adding a bit of shine and Shea Butter smell to whoever’s lying on top of me at the time.  And, of course, for a bit of  shine and gloss when dogs are about to jump in the car to go back home.  So I get through a lot of them.  But not everybody has quite so many dogs as we do here – so for the average family, one a day is probably plenty!

The mitts are being launched in November and will be for sale either on Amazon or through our website.  But if you’d like to test them out ahead of schedule and are happy to provide me with feedback  or testimonials (if you like them!) in return, then do let me know and I’ll send out a pack. First 5 requests bag a bag each :)




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