House of Mutt @ Lucknam Park. YES!

stately home drawing

Following an extensive search and lots of assessing as to where is positively dog-welcoming as opposed to just dog-friendly, we’ve    found the perfect hotel to fill in the blank of our ‘stately home sketch’ (Some Serious(ly Fun) Quality Time)

I’m delighted to report that we’ve teamed up with the amazing Lucknam Park near Bath for our House of Mutt @ Lucknam Park Retreats!

For now, all that needs to be said is here’s their website Lucknam Park, and here’s our website House of Mutt.

Oh, and that one of the activities on offer will be a Cooking Masterclass in the Lucknam Cookery School on how to make Lily’s Kitchen Dog Treats… I can’t wait!

Further details to follow


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