Finty’s (filthy!) Friday Frolic …

A Schnauzer goes for her bi-monthly groom and the groomer comments that her ears are particularly hairy. The owner agrees and says she has been worrying about the dog’s hearing. The groomer advises the owner to apply some depilatory cream to the inside of the ears once a month to keep the hair down.

So the owner goes to the chemist, finds the cream and takes it to the counter.
The chemist warns her that if she’s going to use the cream on her underarms she should avoid antiperspirant for 24 hours. The owner replies “Oh, it’s not for my underarms.”
“Well,” says the chemist, “if you are using it on your legs then I would avoid any creams or perfumed products for 48 hours.” The Schnauzer owner decides to come clean.

“Actually, it’s not for my legs either, it’s for my Schnauzer.”

The chemist replies “In that case, I wouldn’t ride a bicycle for a couple of weeks.”


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