Some serious(ly fun) Quality Time

We are often asked if owners can come and stay here at the Old Rectory with their dogs.  We’re just not set up for that (and my cooking is rubbish) but it has set us thinking ….

What if we could collaborate with a very, very lovely, and dog-friendly, hotel somewhere accessible from London and lay on a couple of HoM Mini Breaks where owners could go with their dogs, get suitably spoilt and have the opportunity of some HoM training at the same time.

There would have to be a definite emphasis on luxury, and enjoyment.  So with the training: no shrill shouting, no difficult demands (on dog or owner), no scoring; just positive, constructive fun.  And with the hotel: English country house comfy luxury.  With a spa.  And scones.  And Dom Perignon.  Or whatever takes your fancy.

I’m thinking for two, maybe three days.  And with an exclusive number of, say, 6 dogs, so the training is productive and the number of dogs not overwhelming.

I’m in the process of choosing the best hotel (hence the rather enigmatic sketch drawing above, an idea not an actual).    There are some great places out there and they’re keen, but our choice must be the right one.  And it must be dog-friendly, not just dog-tolerant; it’s important that dogs are positively welcomed. We do, after all, have our HoM standards!

More on all this anon.

And in the meantime, any comments / thoughts / suggestions would be most welcome –

Thank you :)




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