Dogs in Lockdown

Spring 2020: strange times for us all, and not least for our dogs.  Obviously there are joys of endless cuddles, company and companionship but, like many a parent out there with children recently come home to roost, learning to share your home FULL TIME with those you love doesn’t necessarily come without its challenges!

I could witter about changing routines, unexpectedly attentive owners, lack of exercise and so on – but they are all kind of obvious, and much better portrayed in pictures.  So (please forgive the language, but what can you do with funnies hey) ….




And …







So let’s crack on with some solutions. Which, for me, mean Enrichment.

Enrichment Activities are things that can be done with your dog in the home, or park, or car, or wherever that are a) fun to do and b) help your dog fulfil their various natural needs. Fun for you, beneficial for your dog. Perfect.

Olivia Turner is an Animal Behaviouralist who we work with a lot.  Bit of a star girl who is able to work with the dogs up here and at home with their owners, who ‘gets’ what’s needed very quickly and naturally, and who seems to find it as rewarding and interesting working with our lovely HoM dogs in both of their ‘home’ environments as it is for all of us.  You really do get a whole understanding of what makes a dog tick when you see them at home, up here, in company, alone, on a country walk, in Hyde Park etc etc.   Endlessly fascinating. But, back to enrichment.  Olivia has written a handout all about Enrichment Activities to try at home, and a bit about the science behind them.

Here is a copy  Enrichment Activities Olivia Turner With thanks to Olivia, whose details you’ll find on



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