Cool School: who’d have thought a music festival would be such a perfect training ground!

A slight change of scene for House of Mutt but variety is good for the soul and we all, humans and dogs, had a brilliant festival time at the Red Rooster at Euston Hall here in Suffolk.

Our visiting dogs came in rotation to see and be seen at Festival Dog HQ and, for those that needed it, to spend covert training time with Ed.  Covert because they didn’t realise it was ‘training’ – always the best kind!

So, puppies (Charlie, Max), picnic-snufflers (Nelson, who has a habit of snuffling picnics on Primrose Hill and has to learn not to.  The BBQ area of the festival, emanating unbelieveably mouth-watering smells, proved the ideal training ground! ), Mr Leo (learning to relax around other dogs on lead) and so on.

The sun shone; dogs swam; dog-chat abounded; music, which was loud up front, gently tinkled by the time it had crossed the Park to our riverside tent; and we even got to meet one or two of Miss Darcy’s Kensington Cockerpoo Club playmates.  Perfect!

Here’s a video – it was fun :)   House of Mutt @ Red Rooster, 2017

(And, an aside: the Pleasure Gardens of Euston Hall? So named because ladies of the night apparently used to be released in the wooded maze for the young Duke and his friends to hunt down …. Times change, hey!)


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