Bloomin’ Brexit…

Brexit looms.  (Possibly. Sometime.)  Bringing with it plenty of questions about everything, but what we’re interested in here is dogs – and more specifically, how Brexit will affect people wanting to travel abroad with theirs.

Our understanding is that you’ll still be fine to travel within the EU with your dog however Brexit plays out, but it may take more planning than usual…

First off, it’s important to know that if you are planning to travel your dog in or out of the UK in the next 4 months you should be reading up on what the latest advice is now.  The reason for that particular timeline is that it’s likely dogs travelling to and fro the UK will need titre tests to prove the efficacy of their Rabies Vaccinations – and this takes a couple of months.

Wisest and most up-to-date info is on the Gov.UK website

Also useful, if a little dry but that’s Vet info for you, is the BSAVA’s news update on Preparing for Brexit – Pet Travel Updates.

If you find that you’re caught up on the wrong side of Brexit travel policy we’d love to offer  a space on our sofa and plenty of TLC, just please don’t mention the ‘C’ word as sadly there is no more room now at this particular inn for Christmas…



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